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Compact. Reliable. Advanced.

Created for advanced users with appropriate training and experience, the LEVR BT Escape System allows firefighters to lower a victim before bailing out themselves. We refer to this sequence as the Byrne Technique, developed by Firefighter and CMC School Instructor Kelly Byrne. While other systems can be modified to lower a victim, the LEVR BT Escape System is purpose-built for the job, with each element specifically designed and certified for efficient execution of the Byrne Technique.

Expanding on the capabilities of our compact, reliable, and intuitive LEVR Escape System, the full LEVR BT Escape System includes a BT deployment bag for accessing both ends of the escape line, a captive eye carabiner for connecting to the victim, a rapid deployment pull tether, and the Flash.G™ for superior lowering and anchoring.

The Flash.G is classified to NFPA standards as an Emergency Escape Anchor and Escape Descent Control Device (DCD). With 3 quick passes through the gate, the Flash.G functions as an emergency escape DCD for lowering a victim. Once the line is unweighted and the wraps cleared, the Flash.G transitions to being used as an anchor for personal escape. The user can then bailout using CMC’s patented LEVR descender for rapid egress, and safe, controlled descent.

The LEVR BT Escape System is designed for advanced users. CMC’s manuals, videos, and other materials are not a replacement for professional training and experience. Please visit our demo page to request an introduction to this equipment and its capabilities.


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