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Extend the lifespan of your LEVR training systems. The LEVR Web Replacement Kit is a spare part compatible with CMC’s LEVR Escape System and LEVR BT Escape System. It includes 15.2 m (50 ft) or 12.2 m (40 ft) of CMC Fire Escape Web™ with a sewn loop for girth hitching the escape anchor and 1x CMC Rope End shrink tubing to seal the web end. Watch CMC’s Pro Tip Video for a step-by-step breakdown on how to install new web in your system.


This kit is intended to replace webbing in systems used for training with a backup belay; it is not intended for systems used in personal escape on the fire ground. When the user installs replacement webbing, the LEVR Escape System is no longer considered a CMC manufactured system and CMC cannot recommend its use without a backup. All individual components maintain their certifications and/or warrantees, however, the user assumes responsibility for the proper assembly and function of their system. CMC recommends using dedicated training systems to reduce wear on personal frontline units.


CMC’s LEVR Escape System is the most compact escape system available. It is built around CMC’s patented LEVR Descender, a next-generation device that uses its lever-shaped handle for improved descent control, fast and easy horizontal pay-out, reliable edge transition, and intuitive operation. Designed to assure rapid emergency egress with safe, controllable descent, this escape system is now offered with either the Flash.G™ or Flash.2™ Escape Anchor. For advanced users, CMC’s LEVR BT Escape System allows a rescuer to lower a subject and then lower themselves.


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